SRG Instructions

Welcome to the Security Reading group at Indiana University! We primarily discuss interesting papers from recent top conferences and related venues. Every week, we pick a moderator to organize the discussion and a scribe to take notes. After the disscussion, please attach the notes to the webpage of that paper (Click the link in the paper column). Get onto the SRG mailing list!

When: Every Friday 12:15pm – 1pm
Where: Lindley Hall (LH), Room 325

Apu Kapadia (faculty)
Tousif Ahmed
The setting is somewhat informal, and the seminar is open to all researchers in the community.


  • Participants are expected to read the paper before class (a one or two hour perusal will suffice). There will be no presentation of the paper
  • Every week a participant is chosen to moderate the discussion. The moderator picks that week’s paper from an approved list of conferences (see below) and advertises the selection a week in advance. To facilitate discussion, we ask that each participant arrive with one point they wish to make about the paper: pro or con or whatever.
Schedule Spring 2016
Date Paper Conference Moderator
Jan, 27 Accessorize to a Crime: Real and Stealthy Attacks on State-of-the-Art Face Recognition CCS, 16 Tousif Ahmed
Feb 3 Privacy as Part of the App Decision-Making Process CHI, 13 Sanchari Das
Feb 10 User Interactions and Permission Use on Android CHI, 17 Qatrunnada Ismail
Feb 17 Understanding Shoulder Surfing in the Wild: Stories from Users and Observers CHI, 17 Taslima Akter

Archive of Previous Schedules

Approved Conferences

Since these are the standard/good security conferences, papers from these conferences are automatically approved. However, since good security papers are not restricted to these conferences, please email one of the student facilitators if you would like to pick a paper from elsewhere. This seminar would also be a good forum to get constructive feedback on security papers that you have recently co-authored (under review, or accepted).
IMPORTANT: Please pick from the most recent proceedings of a conference
Systems, Computer and Network Security
User Privacy and Anonymity
Human Factors and Pervasive Computing
  • Security-related papers from: CHI, SOUPS, CSCW, Ubicomp
  • Crypto, Eurocrypt, TCC, FOCS & STOC (Crypto papers only), Asiacrypt, PKC, CT-RSA
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